Kate Upton Swimsuit and Lingerie Pictures Rev Up Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Oh, mama. If there was ever a reason for men to be interested in fashion, it was this weekend courtesy of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which, by the way, yes, included swimwear and lingerie modeling, and, which, by the way, yes, included many top such models pimping the high-end clothing lines, models such as boobtastic nonpareil Kate Upton who put on such a bouncy flouncy display of utter sextastic along the catwalk, that even the gay men filling the Fashion Week seats were getting wood (okay, that's a hyperbole, an exaggerated example made for the point of emphasis, no angry letters, please).

Kate Upton has just about the fastest rising star in the lingerie and swimsuit model set these days; an amazing feat when you consider the utterly non-aerodynamic udders fronting her form. Even if you don't want to look at her (like, if you're plain crazy), the sheer force of sexy body gravitational draw will steer your optical nerves toward this desirous point of terminus. If you don't find yourself mumbling the words, ooh la la, you're just not leering right. Enjoy.

(Note: some of these photos are actually from the Beach Bunny fashion show separate from the MB fashion week show this same past weekend. Like you care.)

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