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Kate Middleton Regally Hot Visitor to Quebec (With Bonus Pippa Middleton Tight Top Pictures!)

This whole British royal thing is really taking a major uptick since they finally got some lookers in the family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hit North America on their first official road trip where they hug lots of people, attend lots of swank cocktail parties, and Prince Combover desperately plays for light wind conditions at outdoor settings. I think that's basically their job description. Only, now, it's all different since Kate Middleton took center stage as the future queen of England. It's like Fergie joining the Black Eyed Peas, suddenly, there's something more than just noise, there's something to ogle. And ogle Kate Middleton I shall. I wish the Middleton girls would eat a sandwich every now and then, but, oh, boy, do they know how to look fine in a frock for all occasions.

And, speaking of the Middletons and their toned bodies, Pippa Middleton took to the streets of London this weekend in a rather form fitting top that highlighted her uber-aerobic body and small but delightful boobtastic, the toasts of the town, as it were. Maybe Pippa is not quite as regally hot as older sister and future queen, but this little brunette sprite has something sextastic going on in the Beefeater areas. Enjoy.

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