Erin Heatherton Flashes Freckled Hotness for Victoria's Secret Sweat-Time Spandex Collection

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Erin Heatherton in skimpy workout gear and bras and panties? Yes, please, I'd like to place an order of three dozen million.

The freckled blonde wonder took to the pimping pages of her latest Victoria's Secret sales spread to flash her spectacular body and lust-inducing female parts in spandex and lycra to bubble within you an undying desires to start ordering. So, you know, I have made a few purchases here and there for the important ladies and secret fetish closets in my life. What can a man do up against such serious Erin Heatherton hotness but hand over his hard-earned cash with a half-smile and a plea for satisfaction? Being the easily sex-manipulated gender has its occasional disadvantages. Enjoy.

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