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EARLY LOOK: Selena Gomez Getting All Grow'd Up in Elle Mexico

Ironically, I've recently been imagining what the super sexy Selena Gomez must look like South of the Border, I mean, while alone, in my private Fortress of Fapitude, then, along comes these amazing pictures of Selena Gomez, the covergirl from the August edition of Elle Mexico, and now the imagination is really taken off. Having just turned the ripe old age of 19, this ripe young beauty and self-described pop music singer really is getting all kinds of mature and advanced sextastic. It's nearly almost time for our little sexy fledgling to leave the nest, ditch the Devil's Midget boyfriend of hers, and fly toward her ultimate destiny of super hot nekkid pictorial awesomeness. On that day, the angels shall sing. Enjoy.

Photo credit:Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold for Elle Mexico

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