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EARLY LOOK: J-Woww Funbags on Display in Maxim

While I'm still trying to grasp the craptastic reality concept of sending a bunch of now well-off and famous fake Italian-Americans to live once again in a beach apartment and work their odds jobs along the boardwalk, I must admit, J-Woww remains the one and only (well, two and only) reason to keep up with Jersey Shore. She's neither short or fat or in the resemblance of a frightening lawn gnome, which makes her a Shore hottie, a true oddity.

J-Woww and her boobtastic worthiness will be featured in the upcoming edition of Maxim, a spread that is sure to delight the millions of men who but a couple years ago knew nothing about this New York brunette, and, now, they still know nothing about her, except that she's faptastic. Turns out, fame is exactly all it's cracked up to be. Enjoy.

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