Carla Bruni Pregnant Beach Bikini Pictures for the French First Lady Lovers

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Well, we're not likely to see Kate Middleton in a bikini again any time soon, and Michelle Obama, forget about it, so today for your head of state wifely offering, its Carla Bruni, the model spouse (and I mean, model) of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a thoughtful man who understands that reaching the pinnacle of any pursuit means little if you don't have a hot woman to knock boots with in the evening. While she's now in a motherly way, hey, that will happen if you keep up that book knocking, Carla Bruni still doesn't play by the regular First Lady rulebook, instead, choosing to go skimpy bikini. It's certainly applause-worthy in this world of uptight political elites and their female pant suits. Enjoy.

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