Battle Sexy Red Dress: Rachel Weisz Movie Premiere vs. Miranda Kerr Out on the Town

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This was a tough one. Obviously, Miranda Kerr is on the tip of my libidinal tongue pretty much 24x7, just awaiting the moment the sextastic model wakes up to realize who she married and runs to me in nothing but a tiny bit of V.S. lingerie. (Still waiting on that, btw). But, Rachel Weisz, damn, she made a return to the ogle-light last night at the premiere of her film The Whistleblower in red and stole the very red carpet itself. I've not seen her looking this sexy in a while, perhaps it's the honeymoon boot knocking with Daniel Craig, I don't know, but, well, damn. This is such a tough call. Two sexy as hell celebrities. Two alluring red dresses. I think I'm going to have to withhold judgement until I see those dresses drop. Enjoy.

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