Audrina Patridge Swimmingly Sexy in FHM

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Jimmy Two-Toes back in middle school knew how to break dance. He could barely read or write, he had few on-the-field athletic skills, and his social graces, well, not so aristocratic. But, damn, that boy could pop and lock like a real robot. And, so, Jimmy Two-Toes got girls. He got to make out with girls before anybody else. He got girls way out of his league. He knew how to do one thing, but he did it well, and he rode that train to the end of the line.

Audrina Patridge knows how to do one thing, and she does it very well. She knows how to wear a swimsuit. She looks ridiculously hot in bikinis and one-piece bathing wear a like. It's her one skill, but she does it so well, she's making herself a nice little career out of it. And, god bless her, and FHM this month, for sharing her talent with the world. Enjoy.

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