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Ashley Tisdale Blonde, Our Hearts Grow Fond

Petite, toned, hot, and now blonde, it's the new Ashley Tisdale, another former Hellcat who I'd like to make a current Mrs. Egotastic!, I mean, without the actual formal wedding proceedings, and moving right into the wedding evening where we can express our feelings for each other in a more animalistic manner, wich me being the begging dog. I'm not exactly sure how such a non-tall person has such long legs, it's some kind of angular trickery or anomaly of visual science that thrills me to no end, but every time Ashley Tisdale leaves the gym in her tight little spandex shorts hoisting her impossibly expensive handbag, she appears to be 7'8" tall.

We first saw Ashley Tisdale in her new blonde locks this past weekend at what was apparently her umpteenth celebration of her 26th birthday, only this one was official commercialized and pimped out, Vegas style, but she definitely kicked up the Tis-thang to the nth degree. She's got something going on, and we'd love to see more of that something, without clothes all over it. Enjoy.

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