Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove Form an iHottie Sandwich

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Well, you know I'm down for anything Nickelodeon barely legal girls, and when you get Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrovetogetherat the same place and at the same time, well, it's almost too much for a dirty old man to bear. Personally, I'm on team Victoria Hotness, I can't imagine a sexier starlet to ever arise from the teen TV factory than Victoria Justice, though it's not as if I'd turn away from a delightful ogle of Miranda Cosgrove, she seems sweet, but in my altogether messed up and potentially damaged mind, Victoria Justice just gets down and dirty and shows me the meaning of the word, Victorious. Oh, sure, maybe this Nick-girl lusting is all pretty wrong and indecent, but you throw in beef-jerky-lover, and those are the three characteristics that best describe the people I like to hang out with. Enjoy.

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