Vanessa Hudgens Sexy Bit of Bra and Shorts Candy Pimping

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I feel like we've seen sexy sultry petite Vanessa Hudgens in her bedroom before in a bra, but I think in previous versions, she was a bit more, well, less 'tween girl PG-rated friendly. Still, if somebody's going to be pimping inappropriately sexy underthings and little bits of clothing to young girls, Vanessa Hudgens is the perfect ogle-model. In these ads for Candie's, which seems to sell everything and anything to girls who will buy everything and anything, Vanessa prances about a stage set to look like the bedroom of a very precocious middle school girl, while flashing her cute bra and boy shorts. We also get a little delightful look behind the scenes of the pimped out photoshoot. All in all, if you can get past the glimpses into the cynical commercialism of modern popular girls culture, Vanessa does look pretty damn hot. Enjoy.

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