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The Campaign to Free Teenaged Kendall Jenner Grows Stronger By the Day

Is there any hope to save Kendall Jenner?

The Egotastic! Campaign to Free Kendall continues in its third month, having raised over eleven dollars from around the world in an effort to rescue the only tall, naturally slender Kardashian from the compound in Calabasas where a life of reality show be-soilment and subsequent pimping of the licensed good remains her certain future. Additionally, as the Campaign has reported, because of the fact that she is certain to become the only model-worthy Kardashian, Kendall Jenner remains a prime target of sororicide at the hands of Kourtney and Kim, or the mouth of Khloe.

Everything looks ordinary here in these photos from the past few days of the teen shopping and walking the mall in short shorts, but, make no mistake about it, Kris Jenner has a strategic business plan codenamed: Kendall Kash Money. Please help us help Kendall.

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