Teairra Marí Doubles Up the Goodness for the BET Music Awards

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I'm going to admit that I am not super familiar with many of the names of the nominees at the BET Music Awards last night. I mean, I know Chris Brown, who won most of the awards, and I respect all music artists who can come up with one word nicknames for themselves that seem to be drawn randomly from a thesaurus, but mostly I turned it off when Justin Bieber, The Devil's Midget, arrived dressed like Malcolm Jamal Warner circa 1987 and started flashing 'tween boy Canadian gang signs he apparently learned from Highlights magazine.

The one image that stuck out for me was hip-hopper Teairra Marí who, well, stood out, with her enormous bubble-globe promoting unitard along the AstroTurf runway. Apparently, she's the young princess of mixed tapes. (Probably not the same kind of mixed tapes my friend Wagner Hahns used to make from albums he 'borrowed' from BestBuy that typically featured an Aerosmith cover band.) It was definitely worth five minutes of ogle time, I mean, five minutes per. Enjoy.

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