Tamara Ecclestone May Not Own A $150 Million House, But She Owns A Priceless Body

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While we covered the story a week or two ago about Petra Ecclestone, young Croat-British heiress to the Ecclestone F-1 Racing billionaire daddy, purchasing the most expensive home in the U.S., we should've made greater mention of older sister, Tamara Ecclestone, who has chosen the career option for heiresses with solid genes -- modeling, including this swimsuit pictorial for Ultimo Lingerie. You know you're hot when you're super wealthy and still take time out of your busy shopping, traveling, and partying schedule to have your pictures taken in bikini. A woman's want to be desired pretty much trumps even brilliant life circumstance, and let us oglers thank our lucky stars for this natural order. Enjoy.

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