Tamara and Petra Ecclestone, Just a Couple Hot Drunken Heiresses Out on the Town

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I'm starting to fall for these Ecclestone sisters. Oh, sure, the cynical-minded among you may contend its the billion dollar inheritance coming their way. Or, the hot bodies on these Croat-Britty 20-something daughters. Or the fact they love to knock a few back and almost flash their knickers (if they be wearing any) about the London streets. Yep, my perfect type of sisterly sandwich.

The girls were out clubbing late night to celebrate older model sister Tamara Ecclestone and her accomplishment of having a birthday. But, make no mistake, Petra Ecclestone is the girl I'm after, what with her new ownership of a home with a full bowling alley. Are you kidding me? Sex with a hot heiress followed by ten frames of bowling on your own private lanes? It's like living Earl Anthony's wildest naughty dreams. Enjoy.

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