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Selena Gomez Sextastic Sparkle at Monte Carlo Premiere

Despite the presence of The Devil's Midget in flaming red boots pimping his perfume stank, Selena Gomez managed to rise above the banal and look simply prom-fantasy worthy at the premiere of her film, Monte Carlo. Now, granted, I'd rather take a flaming hot poker from the fireplace and run it through my right eye than spend two hours in the theater watching the tween girl zaniness of Monte Carlo, so I will not be seeing Selena up on the silver screen (even my stalking has its limits), but, if how she strode the red carpet is any indication of her future hotness-in-film career, things are getting off to a very good start for her.

Selena, ditch the sixth grade boyfriend, show a little more sexy leg on the carpet, and you're going to be a huge star! Enjoy.

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