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Selena Gomez Coats the MuchMusic Video Awards in a Layer of Sextastic

Yep, Canadians love craptastic pop music just as much as in the Lower 48. And, thank god for that. MuchMusic is like the Cannuckian MTV, only being from the Greater Whiter North, there's more drinking, and less sex. Every year the MuchMusic Video Awards manage to draw in some of the biggest names in pop music, including over the weekend the sextastic young Selena Gomez who stole the show at the awards, from rehearsals to red carpet to co-hosting to performance. She did it all, and she looked sweetly hot doing so. We took great pains to omit the image of the Devil's Midget from all of her pictures, the one small but mighty flaw on her hotness resume (we shall never hold it against Selena, though, admittedly, we have thought of being held against Selena). Enjoy.

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