Rihanna Awe-Inspiring Hotness in %u2018All of the Lights%u2019 Hi-Res Redux

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Big time shoutout to Egotastic! Superfan and all around Dutch dude, 'Felix E.' for sending us some startlingly high quality re-re-redo's of the sultry and boobtastic Rihanna from the Kanye West 'All of the Lights' music video. When we originally saw these still in lower quality, we were still awed by how amazing Rihanna looked for leering delights, but, now, seeing these high res redux, wow. I mean, wow. This may be the best we've ever seen Rihanna, and we've seen a whole lot of hotness from the Barbadian diva these past couple of years. Lust inducing factor times bazillion. And, blastoff. Enjoy.

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