Petra Ecclestone Is Young, Hot, Rich, and Now Owns America's Most Expensive Home

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We've always kind of tracked her older sister and model, Tamara Ecclestone, but, today we focus on 22-year old Petra Ecclestone, whose dad Bernie Ecclestone basically owns a solid chunk of the F1 Racing World where he's made so much bank that despite looking like a Middle Earth thatched roof creature, he got to marry a hot Croatian model whose genes helped produce the good looking daughters.

Petra Ecclestone has chosen fashion designing as her heiress fake job activity, is currently engaged to some rich nightclub dude who looks like a spastic Rick Dees, and, today purchased the 57,000 square foot, $150 million (list price) Spelling Mansion in Holmby Hills from Candy Spelling, wife of the late Aaron Spelling, who despite his many flaws, invented Charlie's Angels, and, therefore, is a saint in my book. This was the very same mansion where Tori Spelling used to stare for hours at the tropical fish in the aquarium in the foyer, despite her mom's warnings that if she continued to stare, one day her face would freeze into just such a resemblance. Alas, warnings unheeded.

At Egotastic!, we don't begrudge indulgence or excess, in fact, it's our very own goal, we just can't really afford any indulgence beyond Charmin Ultra Soft in the company lavatory (which, for the record, wow, it may not be a mansion with a bowling alley, but it really is like wiping your bum with a cumulus cloud). Enjoy.

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