Nicole Scherzinger Hotness Brings the 'It' Factor to X-Factor

As much as I regret the loss of the super sexy Cheryl Cole from the upcoming U.S. version of the X-Factor, let's be honest, Nicole Scherzinger is not such a bad replacement girl for the show, or bad replacement for just about anything (i.e., if your regular plumber can't make a service call, but he sends Nicole Scherzinger, you're not displeased when she arrives to unclog your pipes). The entire X-Factor cast was out in Miami flaunting their wares for the cameras, none more hot than pussycat perfect Nicole Scherzinger in her little fly away (as in, I wish it had flown away) little blue outfit. This is one helluva sexy woman with a star on the fast rise toward supernova status. Enjoy.

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