Mo' Mo' Megan Fox Sexy Bikini Pictures from the Hawaiian Islands!

If there's anything better than Megan Fox bikini pictures, it's more Megan Fox bikini pictures. The uber-sexy Megan Fox pulled out yet another bikini, we'll call this one 'yummy sherbert I'd like to lick until it's all gone' colored, for a continuation of her snorkel fest on the Hawaiian island with B.A.G.S., flashing a solid view of the look and body that first stamped her indelibly into the libido portion of our brains just a few years ago. Oh, to be a shark in those waters. Enjoy.

(As to recent stories by Michael Bay that Steven Spielberg had Megan Fox removed from the Transformers movie series because of a flippant joke invoking a 'Hitler' reference, well, we find that one very difficult to believe. The ease with which Michael Bay has hired and fired pretty girls over the years makes this seem like a very convenient excuse for flip flopping Megan with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the third installment of the blockbuster film franchise.)

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