Leelee Sobieski Is One Sexy Artsy Crazy Clown

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Make of this what you will. What I'm making of it is a challenge to ogle the super sexy and buxom (formerly, at least) Leelee Sobieski for all her hotness charms, through all this artistic nonsense. Look, it's not that I'm anti-artistic expression, I'm not the Town Council in Footloose trying to ban country white kids from devil dancing, it's just that art has it's time and place, which is pretty much anywhere, at any time, when not obscuring sexy celebrities from our clear view. Leelee Sobieski is a sweetly hot boobtastic actress; let's start by covering her with absolutely nothing, call that 'optimum photo conditions', then move down the chart of less awesome options from there. I give this clown makeup bit in 032c magazine a 2 out of 10; and, still, Leelee Sobieski is hot enough to shine through. That's raw talent. Enjoy.

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