Lee-Ann Liebenberg Sexy South-African Falls Into Pages of FHM

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(UPDATE: Thanks to our South African fans for informing us of the existence of two Lee-Ann Liebenbergs, one, the hot model, one, the sexy stuntwoman. What the eff are the chance of that? Well, egg on our face, but we still hold to all the nice things we said about her bodacious body.)

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There's nothing I love more than a woman who can take a good beating, I mean, professionally speaking. Lee-Ann Liebenberg is known as South Africa's first stuntwoman, with a resume of on-film falls, spills, tumbles, explosions, and rolls that you'd think would not be the chose profession of a super hottie. Think again. Especially as you check out her pictorial in FHM South Africa, where the stuntwoman creates bodily mayhem with her bodily wow-ma'am, bedecked in sexy lingerie and looking very lady like whilst flashing the lady parts.

We at Egotastic! believe firmly in a hot woman's right to choose traditionally male dominated careers; in the case of sexy Lee-Ann Liebenberg, we believe in it extra firmly. Enjoy.

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