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Imogen Thomas Ignores Gossip With Chesty Stretchy Workout

Here's how I typically react to stress and pressure -- the devouring of Rold Gold Twists. 1-lb bag, my salty fingers stinging in my tear soaked eyes as I flagellate myself about the thorax for forgetting to tape Judge Judy. Sober afternoons are hard on me.

Actress and glamour model Imogen Thomas seems to have a better plan for dealing with all the press and stress about her ugly bumping sessions on the side with married footballer Ryan Giggs (who, it seems, was also boot knocking his sister-in-law) -- shimmying into a tight little workout outfit and hitting the public park for some sexy stretches, tummy crunches and deep knee bends. The nipple pokes a certain sign of aerobic goodness, the buttockal tautness a certain sign of how I will be spending my own afternoon, with Imogen, without Judge Judy. Fair trade indeed. Enjoy.

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