Gwyneth Paltrow Deserves Hotness Props for Getting Bent

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Let's give props where props are due. Yes,Gwyneth Paltrow reminds me of the mom who checked all the kids for hidden liquor bottles at high school grad night. A real stick in the mud. It could be because she's a master pimper of all things superficial and luxurious, or because once a year she lectures from her pedicure chair to make some sweeping and declarative political statement on behalf of the world's commoners, or maybe it's just because she's married to that puckish dude from Coldplay, but, still, with all that working against her, she looked awfully hot at last nights 'Bent for Learning' Benefit in New York, and, well, hot is hot and deserves recognition.

Something about this yoga thingee that is keeping these veteran celebrities in super shape; something I definitely need to look into, and, by look into, I mean peeking at hot moms doing yoga through the window while I'm sipping on a YooHoo. Upward facing dog, indeed. Enjoy.

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