Egotastic! Site Upgrades, Episode 1: The Return of the Thumbs (And Celebrity Names List)

We launched a round of site upgrades last night in the midst of the other hullabaloo, thanks for all of your input and patience (and please, pray, continue as we move forward with future rounds of upgrades):

Thumbnails are back on the story pages. If you prefer, you can now see all the thumbnails in the picture gallery at once and click individually rather than flipping through the gallery.

On the 'All-Star' (starred pictures post) clicking the thumbs will now take you directly to 'full-size' pictures to skip a step in the current process. If you go directly to the All-Stars section on the nav bar, you will be taken to a blog roll of just the 'All-Stars' posts with thumbs below each post, mimicking the old site's navigation.

On the SFW posts, you can now click the camera-icon on the homepage to be taken directly into the gallery rather than the story page, skipping another click.

The Celebrities alphabetical list is now up. Click the 'Celebrities' tab on the nav bar and you will see the brand spanking new, easily letter sorted list of all celebrities on the site.  You can also choose to sort by 'Most Popular' which is dynamic and will update as time passes based on who is searched the most.

You will notice a Star-less homepage. We've been urged by the people who pay to keep our lights on to keep the homepage as fresh and clean as a baby's bottom (which, having babysat before, makes little sense to me), so you will no longer see starred nekkidness on the homepage. However, all our naughty goodness remains, and then some, just section into the 'All-Stars' posts.

We also finally got Kit-Kats in the candy vending machine in the lobby, which is kind of huge for us here.

Keep your suggestions coming, bearing in mind our budget for these upgrades is somewhere between a Microsoft new Windows launch and the slow-kid Lenny on your block who got new aluminum foil for his alien-communications hat. Thanks.