Duchess Kate Middleton Is One Sexy Princess at Blue Blood Gala

As much as we all appropriately lust for Pippa Middleton since the wedding (and the topless photos, of course), and we all inappropriately now lust for party planning MILF, Carole Middleton, let's be honest, the real hottie princess prize is the Duchess, Kate Middleton, who is probably the most sextastic British royal outside of movie and TV show regal casting calls. I don't begrudge Prince Bill for landing her; dude does own a few castles and like 137 cars, I've got a bachelor apartment and a used compact car that's been ridden more times than Kim Kardashian.

Seen here at some aristocratic function where I couldn't even qualify for waiter, Kate Middleton once again stole the show by looking ridiculously sexy, even if forced to wear designer gowns rather than our preferred ensemble for her, the birthday suit. Oh, man, how I'd like to King her. Enjoy.

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