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Claudia Schiffer Deserves Plenty More Bazaar Lust

Well, Hollywood rumor has it that Claudia Schiffer dear old husband, Matthew Vaughn, might be the bio-donor to the January Jones baby currently in progress, and we can hardly blame anybody for at least imagining being on the giving end of that creative process, still, I'd be hard pressed to ever have the wandering eye when Claudia Schiffer was around the humble abode changing in and out of her skivvies daily. Oh, I'm sure there's more to the story here than just a primeval attraction of the sextastic kind, still, I give less leeway to dudes who stray far from their ridiculously hot supermodel ladies. They're sort of into the grass is greener business while most of us would just kill for a chance to mow the lawn.

Claudia Schiffer may no longer be the tutto di tutti hottie supermodel as in her prime, but as seen in these pictures from the current edition of Harper's Bazaar, the sexy model still has plenty of lust-inducing fuel left in the tank. Enjoy.

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