Audrina Patridge Flashes Her Pink Bra To Make Airline Travel Fun Again

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Well, not like we haven't seen more, but if you're stuck in an airport and Audrina Patridge flashes her pink bra at you through a see-through top, well, it's certainly better than watching the sweaty fat guy from Cleveland with the oversized carry-on trying to catch a flight at the very end of the terminal. You know, unless you're into that kind of thing.

Audrina Patridge is riding super high right now with her new reality show which has forced her to invent all sorts of make-work projects for herself to pretend she's a woman of diverse talents, when, primarily, her talents were covered up in pink hurrying through LAX. Still, she is my favorite hottest hottie alum from The Hills so I pretty much delight in anything Audrina and flashing related. Enjoy.

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