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Abigail Clancy Cleavetastic Wedding Day Pictures

Well, you know I have an aversion to 'weddings'; even the mere mention of the word makes me break out in a rash akin to a sailor about 12-18 hours after the conclusion of shore leave. But, I must admit, every now and then, I feel the tug and pull on the lower heart strings for something nuptial related, in this case, Abigail Clancy finally tying the know with her baby daddy footballer star, Peter Crouch, and looking all kinds of wedding gown cleavetastic. These are the kind of wedding day photos that put an inkling inside a thought buried in a wonderment inside some region of a man's brain that temporarily blinds him to the long term consequences of holy matrimony to the point that he finds himself smiling like a bobblehead doll while picking out table settings for 150 people he's never met before in his life.

Congratulations to Abigail and Peter.

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