The Only Way is Bikinis: Maria Fowler and Amy Childs Boobtastic Spanish Holiday

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If I had to compare the Spanish holiday fiesta of the cast of The Only Way is Essex versus, say, the Italian trip of Jersey Shore, I'd guess I'd say the first thing that sticks out to me is that not all members of the TOWIE cast are under 5'5" tall and pumped full of steroids. And I'm referring to the ladies. Also, less visible cold sores (though I wouldn't dive too deep into either camp without military-grade prophylactic). I could be totally misjudging here, but, from afar, I'm choosing the likes of bodacious glamour girl Maria Fowler and ginger boobtastic Amy Childs over the butter-everythings from the shore (occasional J-Woww body shots excluded). I think I'd like to vacation with women like this someday, just as soon as I get enough points on my Motel-6 VIP card. Enjoy.

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