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Taylor Momsen Punk Diva Turned Teenaged Sexy Madame (VIDEO)

Lest you wonder where Taylor Momsen is when she disappears from the pages of Egotastic! for a few weeks, fear not, she's not back in high school studying hard for finals and working diligently to help the Yearbook committee get its final product out the door in time for graduation day signatures. Nope. This long-legged, seventeen year old boozy teen rocker front girl for The Pretty Reckless was off in some foreign land shooting the sexy and seductive scenes for her 'Madame' music video. Now, I can't claim to be a TPR music fan, I mean, both my ears are still functioning, but, I do cotton to the seductive stylings of punk-Lolita and her barely-clothed taboo photoshoots. So, enter if you dare to see the 17-going-on-storefront-strumpet stylings of Taylor Momsen and, discreetly, enjoy.

taylor-momsen-french-photoshoot-behind-the-scenesby EgotasticMedia

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