Shenae Grimes Flashes Her Bra and Some Hairy Pits (You Know You Secretly Love It)

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You know how when a story starts out with, 'One time, in college..', it's usually going to be a great story, especially if it's one of your female friends who is about to launch into a lurid tale of co-ed lesbionics. In my case, it was a girl we'll call Sherry, who didn't believe in shaving. (There were nickname whispers around the dorm of Sherry Hairy). Well, don't you know, one beer led to another and one night Egotastic! found itself enmeshed in a cloacal hug of hair and fur and I think some thatch and, well, I kissed a Sasquatch and liked it!

Shenae Grimes of 90210 fame inspired my recollection, with her fuzzy black pits, kindling a feeling in me I've not felt since I graduated and/or was kicked out of college, one of the two. I dig the see-through tank top, flashing off the Shenae bra. And I am delighting in the Grimes pits. Call me old-fashioned, but a hot cave girl? Yep, I'm down for that. Enjoy.

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