Selena Gomez Offers Up the Bingo Bongos at Wango Tango

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Oh, Selena Gomez, how you have come along so well since your 18th birthday.

Selena showed up doubly big at this weekend's Wango Tango concert where bouncy pop acts I will never ever admit to downloading on my iTunes met up with screaming teen girls at the Staples Center to provide one giant underbelly of craptastic music. And, in addition to underbelly, cleavage of course, thanks to Selena's push up bustier.  I couldn't bring myself to run through the entire list of teen pop hearthrobs at the concert, plus, once I saw the super sexy Selena Gomez flashing smooshed up funbags, I kind of needed a few hours alone with my thoughts. Good thoughts indeed. Enjoy.

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