Sasha Jackson Bikini Pictures Make A Splashy Introduction to Hollywood

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Remember the name, Sasha Jackson. This girl is going to be a star. Sure, you may have already seen this young, sexy, blonde Brit in some bit parts on a number of American TV shows (most notably, the hot girl at the gym on the pilot episode of Happy Endings this season, ooh la la), but I've got a feeling about this U.K. transplant; she's going to break out of the pack of early 20-something mini-bombshells into something much bigger. Of course, this feeling could be partially sparked by seeing these Sasha Jackson bikini pictures from the beaches of L.A. yesterday, where the sextastic thespian has relocated in full commitment to her search for fame and fortune, and our ogling pleasure, but of course. Sasha Jackson, welcome to the City of Angels and welcome to Egotastic! Enjoy.

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