Reese Witherspoon Premiere Pictures May Just Water Your Elephant

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I'm not sure 'water your elephant' actually means anything, but I need to double check the Urban Dictionary. I am quite sure that Reese Witherspoon absolutely stole the effin' red carpet hotness show this weekend at two different Euro premiere of Water for Elephants, where she stars opposite that oof from Twilight and does something to an elephant that I can't speak of in polite company (or maybe it's a love story or something, I don't really know, I just know it's from one of those novels my girlfriend reads and cries and I know never ever to ask why). Maybe it's just me, but this second or third or whatever marriage seems to be doing nice things to Reese; she's glowing, or she's just looking hot and the sweat forming in my eye sockets makes her appear to glow. Either way, jogging, push-up bras, and regular sex seem to be working wonders for her. Enjoy.

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