Nina Dobrev Hot Sexy Sucker in Seventeen Fitness

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Nina Dobrev deserves more attention. Particularly of the long-fully leering kind. This young brunette hottie star of Vampire Diaries has that special 'it' factor to her, I can't quite put my hands on it, though you know damn well how badly I want. Just look at how Nina lights up the pages of Seventeen Fitness magazine, just like the regular Seventeen magazine that I'm not allowed to read due to a court order, but with the benefit of leotards and swimsuits. Yum. Nina Dobrev flashing cleavage and sexy bare-midriff. I'd like to create an entry in her diary, if you know what I mean (and even I don't really know what I mean). Keep it up, young hottie, Nina, keep it up and take it off. Enjoy.

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