Nicollette Sheridan Goes Braless To Show the Kids How They Used to Poke Back in the Day

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It seems like we rarely see Nicollette Sheridan in these parts any longer, and when we do, it usually has something to do with her nipples. Well, there is something to be said for a woman well into her 40's who's still working the commando up top look in Beverly Hills, and pulling it off with some ogle-worthiness. She's still got those headlights working strong, still could poke out somebody's eye with her udders, and still appears like there might be a stiff cold breeze in the air, despite the 90-degree temperatures in Los Angeles yesterday. All in all, the latest Nicollette Sheridan nipple poke pictures. Will this be her final mark on Egotastic? All I can say is, never discount a veteran hottie when it comes to nippletastic comebacks. Enjoy.

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