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Mo' Mo' Mo' of the Sexy Kate Upton Lingerie Photoshoot for Jenna Leigh!

If you love hot sexy blonde young supermodels in silky lingerie, well, then my friend, you've come to the right place. We have more, much more, of the Jenna Leigh lingerie photoshoot with sextastic up and comer extraordinaire, Kate Upton, a girl whose rise on the hotness charts approximates a vertical line. Since her biggest splash to date in the S.I. Swimsuit edition three months ago, this ridiculously sexy bodied model has taken the entire world by storm; she's everywhere, in demand, and outrageously sexy. Her boobtastic alone is worth the price of admission, which on Egotastic! is always gratis, and well worth it I might add.

Kate Upton, there is only one more logical step in your ascent to Mt. Hottie -- I will only hint that it rhymes with lekkid. Soon, please, Kate, because I want to live long enough to die from seeing you in your birthday suit. Enjoy

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