Maryna Linchuk Lingerie Pictures Nearly Melt My Nordstroms Catalog

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When I get word from my Nordstroms insider (my klepto cousin, Ronnie, who works in the docks at their warehouse facility) that the retail giant is bringing in the big guns of international supermodel Maryna Linchuk to model their lingerie for catalog season, well, my first thought is, damn, I thought Ronnie was still in jail. But, my second thought is, damn, this is going to be awesome. Maryna Linchuk is all kinds of Russian hot and you've probably seen her face on major magazine covers around Europe for years but maybe not seen her spectacular body on full display, as in these sexy lingerie pictures that have me questioning my loyalty to Victoria's Secret. I mean, a man needs to spend his lingerie money wisely, even if you be a man with a secret closet full of impulse buy silky things that you hope your bi-polar apartment manager doesn't discover on one of his unannounced visits into your place. Maryna Linchuk, consider yourself officially on the Egotastic! radar for any and all sheer delights. Enjoy.

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