Maria Menounos Bikini Candids Turn Up The Miami Heat

Oh, and woah, the celebrity bikini festival continues today.

The last time we saw Maria Menounos all bikini'd out and wet and sexy, she was flashing some serious lip slip around the New Years time. No such luck here -- yet -- but we are damn lucky to have a vast and wide and deep array of Maria Menounos bikini pictures snapped on the beaches of Miami from over the weekend, where the sultry, sexy, Greek goddess showed off that same bikini body in a couple different little swimsuits over the weekend, purple and leopard (meow!).  Yeah, she was with her boyfriend, but, yeah, we're Egotastic! so we snipped him like a bloodthirsty photographic mohel. Boyfriends are lame. Maria is hot. Just the good stuff. And she's got so much of that going on with that body of hers. Wow. Enjoy.

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