Maite Perroni, Telenovela Hottie Princess, Featured in Esquire

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Hey, when Univision, the provider of much of my Spanish-language telenovela bitch slaps and sexy latinas in slinky outfits names you their top soap opera star, it's time to take notice. And when you're a hot little brunette like Maite Perroni, it's time we take notice. The former star of teen-angst filled telenovela, Rebelde, and member of the ridiculously popular cheesy pop music group, RBD, which spun off from the show, Maite Perroni is just now hitting her stride as hot Mexican mama star throughout the Latin world (and my living room). Featured in this month's Esquire Mexico, the sextastic Maite Perroni is a name you should know, and a body you follow, onto more unclothed appearances in the near future. Muy deliciosa. Enjoy.

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