Luisana Lopilato Sexy Bubbly in Jeans and Bikinis

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I have very little idea how to pronounce her name. Luisana Lopilato. Wouldn't matter much were we to meet because there'd be no need for names. I mean, there'd just be her slapping me across the face and the inexorably long wait for her security team to take me out back and beat me senseless int he alley way. But it might all be worth -- Mrs. Michael Buble is hawt!

Luisana Lopilato is another one of my very favorite teeny-bopper Latina soap stars turned girl group singers and how Buble got a hold of this Argentinean sexy bomb, I have no idea, but, outstanding play on his part. This recent Luisana Lopilato photoshoot for some jeans company or something Sudamericana just looks so ridiculously sexy, plus, these bikini pictures from the couples early Spring trip to Barbados, well, I just had to share. Because, well, if oglers can't help out oglers, what's this world coming to.

Luisiana Lopilato, a name you can't pronounce, a body you will definitely remember. Enjoy.

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