Lindsay Lohan Looks Wet and Luscious In New Uber-Short Film

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Well, 97-seconds of Lindsay Lohan sounds just about the perfect amount of time to experience the ginger hotness who has pretty much owned the tabloids this week with her Miami skin-flashing exhibitions in the days before her final final house arrest date for ganking jewelry. Well, director Richard Phillips must agree because that's exactly how long his new, artsy-hot, super short film on Lindsay runs.

There's no denying that Lindsay Lohan has that special 'it' factor. Not just the boobs and the body and the butt and the freckles and the scene and the drama and the slips and the flashes and the family and the celebrity, but all of that rolled into one ginger sextastic package that makes it really hard not to leer. And these Lindsay Lohan half-nekkid swimming pictures 'neath the sunshine, I'm leering for a good long while.

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