Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures Turn House Arrest into Hotel Hotness

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I must admit to being confused as to the penal situation around Lindsay Lohan. I think she's under house arrest or something starting this past weekend, a nice maneuver around time in the big house for five-finger discounting a fancy necklace, but apparently she declared her house for 'house arrest' to be a hotel in Miami so she can hit the pool for some Mai Tai's without igniting her beeper. And, well, despite the likely tendency to claim double standards for celebrity justice here, after seeing Lindsay Lohan don the bikini once more, criminal or not, I'm glad some corners were cut. Lindsay's still got something something going on, and if it took a little jewelry heist to get her back poolside for some brand new Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures, then I say, the long arm of the law done did its job. Lady Justice may be blind, but gentleman oglers sometimes count on fortunate breaks to catch the best looks. Enjoy.

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