Lindsay Lohan Goes Braless For Her First Day At the Downtown Women’s Center

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This reminds me of the time I went commando during my community service. Sure, the rush of the breeze while standing alongside the freeway picking up trash is something of a thrill, but it's at lunch time with the dude sentence alongside you for the crime of 'sexual cruelty to a pack animal' that makes you reconsider your underpantsless strategy. Nevertheless, when you're Lindsay Lohan, you do think a bit differently. For instance, skipping the bra and taking your double barreled cannons downtown to the Women's Center for your first day's probation violation punishment. Nothing says, hello, I'm here to be fondled against my will during community service like flashing the unfettered ginger funbags in jiggle-me-Elmo fashion for all the hardened gals to see. I'm not saying I'd change a thing about Lindsay Lohan; if freeing her flesh kittens is her symbol of speaking truth to power, snubbing her nose at The Man, and giving Lady Justice the finger, well, I couldn't think of a better way. Just don't be surprised, Lindsay, when Lady Justice has her hand up under your top and she's sliding into second. Justice may be blind, but those body beacons of yours are not hard to find in the dark. Enjoy.

(Lindsay may avoid jail altogether. Check out the breaking story on TMZ.)

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