Kate Upton Swimsuit Pictures Forecast a White Hot Wedding (VIDEO)

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Well, heck, as long as we're going big time hot time with favorite supermodels d'jour all dolled up in very little but silk and lace, let's talk, or, more appropriately, let's ogle Kate Upton in her Beach Bunny 'Bridal' photoshoot and video. There's very little out there hotter than Kate Upton these days; only the sun and my cousin Guido's Mustang he claims came without a pink slip, but Kate really takes the sextastic cake these days. She's risen from relative unknown to 'it' hot bodied model girl in just a few short months; and much deserved career climbing it is. And while this ridiculously sexy blonde young bombshell savors the benefits of having regular rent money finally, we get to savor delicious ogles of the curves of her body that have helped her pay the bills, as in this bridal themed photoshoot. Now, you know my aversion to all things wedding related (save for drunken bridesmaids), but when these super hot celebs start showing up in white for virtual nuptials, I can't help but imagine the delights of wedding night (or, as my same shifty cousin Guido calls wedding night -- Yo, Joe, this is your last blow -- make of that what you will). Enjoy.

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