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Julianne Hough Purple Bikini Pictures Will Rock Your World

Julianne Hough is something of a revelation these past few days on the set of Rock of Ages, a movie where most of the buzz seems to be around Tom Cruise singing for the first time onscreen  (well, if you don't count Top Gun), but the buzz ought to be buzzing around the hot bikini body of Julianne Hough, who seems to have ditched foppish Seacrest for some bikini in the sea time and she looks hot. Okay, we couldn't entirely scrub out her male co-star in these scenes, but some of these raunchy on-camera moments only serve to highlight how fast Julianne Hough is going to rise in this business with the right connections, the willingness to play sexy roles, and that sweet sextastic body of hers. Yum and yummer. Enjoy.

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