Joanna Krupa Steals the Show at Dancing with the Stars After Party

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I lust Joanna Krupa, with her hottie sister, without her hottie sister, this Polish-American princess and DWTS alum with the boobtastic fantastic just owned the event at the after party for the Dancing with the Stars finale. (Yes, for those of you unaware, Dancing with the Stars is over, but, fear not, there are five more dancing reality shows coming down the line shortly to quench the man-thirst for dancing and pageantry.) There are about eight things I find to be fatally attractive about Joanna Krupa, at least three of which were on clear display in her low cut, skin tight dress, that flaunted her verifiably outrageous body.  Does she make dancing worth watching for men? Oh, I can't blanket coverage that; just be sure to tell the buddies you were watching the game. Enjoy.

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