Jennifer Lawrence Little Blue Dress May Result in Clintonian Type Tributes

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Slit skirts, slit skirt
Jennie isn't wearing those slit skirts, slit skirt

I know not everybody takes my crushes seriously, but since this past January when she robbed every red carpet of its hotness trophies, Jennifer Lawrence has been like some type of Olympian goddess of Lust-Inducement, throwing whole new angles and definitions on sextastic. This young, uber-hot actress made her way to Letterman last night where she looked like a million ogles worth of fantasy dollars in her little blue dress. I'm still not entirely sold on the new brunette look, but, then again, in my fantasy world, I do lots of things with her hair that are likely to alter its color once again. Can not wait to see her in X-Men. Enjoy.

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